Ultimate Shaker: The Multi Purpose Hydra Cup

So today I passed by my favorite outdoor distributor Urban Peak to check up on the latest gear in town. As always I got served my favorite coffee #Urbaccino, only this time it came in a shaker and not the kind you are used to!
This second generation shaker definitely stands out: design, efficiency, and performance.

The 825ml total capacity is equal or bigger than comparable shakers. The HydraCup is separated into 2 chambers which allows you to use each chamber for a different purpose. HydraCup was originally created for fitness enthusiast to carry PRE & POST workout in one shaker, but soon after the brand realized it can be used to replace all other shakers and had much more to offer. The HydraCup comes in 5 colors: Stealth Black, 5AM Blue, Rocket Red, Electric Lime and Original Black.
Hydra Cup
Haydra Cup
Haydra Cup
Haydra Cup
Haydra Cup

Separate from the pack with the bottle that’s ready for action. The HydraCup makes your supplementation and hydration extremely efficient, delivering perfectly blended drinks for every phase of your game without needing to be refilled or remixed. HydraCup helps you stay prepared both in fitness and outside of the gym which makes it the success it is. I could think of 9 scenarios to use this unique shaker:
Haydra Cup
Haydra Cup
Haydra Cup

The HydraCup maximizes performance by allowing you to call the shots when it comes to pre game energy and during recovery instantly feeds your muscles broken down from strenuous activity.
Haydra Cup
HydraCup: Separate from average. Separate from boring. Separate from the Pack.
What Separates you?! Now available at Adventure HQ.

Haydra Cup

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