Ecobio Swing at Sofitel The Palm Dubai

With Sofitel The Palm Dubai, golf just got “greener” with the Ecobio golf balls. These biodegradable balls have been certified by Applus+, as a non-polluting product that is 100% safe to any plant and marine life. This new initiative adopted by Sofitel The Palm Dubai further asserts its sustainability certification as well as its Blue Flag awarded beach.

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

For those who are golf enthusiasts, Sofitel The Palm is bypassing the conventional grass driving range and looking ahead towards the Arabian Gulf. The luxury resort has launched a new golf experience where the ocean becomes the driving range with yard markers placed in the water so that golfers can mark their progress.

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai
ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

But never fear, as the bay won’t fill up with thousands of golf balls, instead the Ecobio balls are the first and only golf ball in the world which dissolves into fish food. As soon as it is submerged in the water, the internal core that comprises of fish food gets released into the water.

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

This new golfing experience adds to the numerous resort recreational activities for hotel guests, local residents and team building events, all while enjoying an environmentally affable sport. The hotel utilises this exciting green activity to entertain its guests with fun and environmentally conscious competitions and challenges such as hole-in-one contests. Prices range from AED30 for 3 balls to AED650 for every 100 balls. Teens will enjoy a 20% discount.

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai
ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

Recreation Manager, Eugene Swart explains more: “The Ocean is the perfect expanse in which to drive golf balls, and supports our living values of environmental sustainability through Ecobioballs. So while you’re enjoying a challenging game of golf, you are also providing food for our local marine life. Even if you’re not a golfer or the next US Masters champion, you can still enjoy a fun game of golf by the beach.”

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

Sofitel The Palm, nestled within the tranquil groves of the Palm Jumeirah and set amidst an idyllic Polynesian setting gives guests a unique experience. Guests also get to interact with some of the eco-friendly initiatives such as the live green wall. Organically framing the resort, a lush green and vibrant environment of stunning vertical gardens offer guests a constant green reminder during their stay.

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai
ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

On a personal note, being an adventurer, environmental awareness is of high importance. The world is our playground and our home. My fellow adventurers and I spend more time outdoors than we do in our own homes. Unfortunately in the time we spend outside our comfort zone we come across a lot of damage being done to our beloved nature by common people and industrial companies who are destroying every bit of natural life. I am proud to see Sofitel The Palm Dubai providing an eco-friendly solution for a high-end sport!

ECOBIO Sofitel The Palm Dubai

Thank you Sofitel The Palm Dubai for making my first GOLF experience very interesting, I will diffidently come back to practice more and  beat my embarrassing first record. Its places like this you get to meet and compete awesome co-players like Haydar, Sofiane, Paul, and Caterina.

For reservations please call: +971 4 455 5437
visit their website

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