Decathlon: Your personal guide to well-being

“Your personal guide to well-being”.  This slogan couldn’t be more true with Decathlon.

When shopping for my adventures, whether for hiking, diving, climbing or just camping, Decathlon is definitely my favorite place to visit. It’s got everything under one roof with a wide variety at affordable and cost efficient prices.

BS_1 (1)

BS_1 (15)

I got to admit, I know myself to be obsessed with outdoor activities so when ever I visit an outdoor/sports retailers I get over excited to check out the latest gear and gadgets.

Few weeks back I was invited to take on a journey of health and fitness at Decathlon Dubai at Mirdif City Center. Upon my arrival I met the Brand Manager for a one on one session. We took a tour to every department in the store, exploring the different brands available and explaining the differences between them. I was most interested in the smart gear that’s available for every section, small simple innovative products that simply make outdoor life and exercise easier! I had lots on mind and so many questions for so many brands and gear, I was so hyperactive and excited and the team did not disappoint me at all. They answered all my questions to the smallest details. After my curiosity was satisfied and my shopping list was full of all sorts of gear, I was introduced to the team of fitness experts who spoke to me about Decathlon’s new fitness program “Decathlon, your personal guide to well-being”.

BS_1 (11)

This program was launched in October to enlighten Decathlon’s guests about the importance of fitness in our daily lives and the fitness program that would suit them. Each guest had a “personalized hour-long meeting with the team of health specialists who detailed exercises and fitness regimes that were tailor-made for them”. It was great to meet such an enthusiastic team that very well knows what they are talking about. It was insightful experience and I got to learn much about the brand and the various outdoor activity potentials.

BS_1 (10)

BS_1 (74a) (2)

BS_1 (3)

So, in short, whether you are shopping for a rock climbing weekend or wishing to follow a healthy lifestyle, Decathlon is absolutely the place to visit. To stay up to date with the latest outdoor products make sure to follow Decathlon on facebook @ Decathlon Dubai.

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