Exploring A New Wadi

Somedays are better than others and yesterday was one of them. I have always enjoyed exploring the region and found lots of excitement when discovering hidden gems or learning about exciting new trails to enjoy, so when I had the chance to join experienced hikers on an exploration trip in Ras Al Khaima I didn’t think twice. Read More

Today I had the privilege of meeting true travelers. A beautiful couple that has been on the road for the past 7 years, roaming remote lands of Africa and Middle East in their iconic “Yellow Fire Engine”. Ralf and Laila started their journey in 2008 exploring the African continent above and beyond until the year 2012- 5 years passing through 36 countries, of approximately 120,000km – wow that’s a true adventure! Read More

So today I passed by my favorite outdoor distributor Urban Peak to check up on the latest gear in town. As always I got served my favorite coffee #Urbaccino, only this time it came in a shaker and not the kind you are used to!
This second generation shaker definitely stands out: design, efficiency, and performance. Read More

With Sofitel The Palm Dubai, golf just got “greener” with the Ecobio golf balls. These biodegradable balls have been certified by Applus+, as a non-polluting product that is 100% safe to any plant and marine life. This new initiative adopted by Sofitel The Palm Dubai further asserts its sustainability certification as well as its Blue Flag awarded beach. Read More

Ramy 4×4 Sunset Fun

Being in the market for more than 23 years, and being an offroader you can not but know one of the top 4×4 modification workshops in UAE. You probably already know who we are talking about, yep you guessed it, its the famous RAMY 4×4!

Here is a chance to get to see RAMY 4×4 in action. Check out the latest video release showcasing  RAMY 4×4 team taking on the dunes like pros. Its interesting to see what kind of different modifications each team member has installed on their famous yellow Jeeps. If your looking to add some muscle to your 4x4s be sure to contact the right workshop that goes the extra mile to get your smile! Read More

Via Ferrata Jabal Shams

From the Italian, literally meaning ‘Iron Way’ via ferrata are mountain routes with fixed wire cables, metal rungs, and ladders. These allow adventurous walkers and climbers to ascend steep rock faces in relative safety while reducing the amount of climbing equipment required.

Via ferrata were originally developed in the Italian Alps during the first word war to assist troop movement in difficult mountain terrain. Nowadays climbing via ferrata routes as combination of trekking and climbing activities has become a popular adventure sport. Read More

The Flight Academy Experience: Bounce!

After a long day at the office, I usually like to release the stress through some sports activities. So you can imagine my excitement last few weeks back when I received an invitation to the most fun and largest indoor playground in Dubai “Bounce” got it all from Performance Trampoline, Dodge Ball, Big Bag, Slam Dunk, The Wall, to the Free Jumping Arena all under one roof!
Upon my arrival, I was introduced to Cris Manero,  the five-time Spanish National Trampolining and Tumbling Champion, Coach of the Belgian Gymnastics team who told me that he recently joined Bounce team for a whole new season of coaching lessons called “the Flight Academy”.

Read More

“Your personal guide to well-being”.  This slogan couldn’t be more true with Decathlon.

When shopping for my adventures, whether for hiking, diving, climbing or just camping, Decathlon is definitely my favorite place to visit. It’s got everything under one roof with a wide variety at affordable and cost efficient prices. Read More

After my recent trip to Thailand, I was amazed with its beautiful nature and saw a big potential for adventure. With limited time I explored what was available to me in the surrounding islands. Yet the thing I wanted the most was hard to reach, Caves. Thailand features numerous caves, many of which are considered holy places both in legend and by monks who often use them as places for Buddhist meditation. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for temples to be located near impressive caves or for Buddhist statuary to be installed within them. Furthermore, Thailand’s caves feature some spectacular natural rock formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, as well as pre-historic cave paintings from ancient peoples who once resided in Thailand. Read More

The Pearl of Dubai, set in the shallow waters of The World Islands development off the coast of Dubai, has been modelled after the mythical lost city of Atlantis and inspired by the look of the Hollywood films Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar, according to Reef Worlds, the Los Angeles-based underwater tourism design company developing the project. Read More